Short Film

14 Min

A Comedian

DAVID QUIRK is Lester Faust, A COMEDIAN in a dystopian Sydney, Australia.

Written and Directed by

James Robert Woods

Produced by

Stephanie Jane Day
James Robert Woods


David Quirk


Lou Pollard
Chloe Martin
George H. Xanthis
Jay K. Cagatay
Ali Kadhim

Stewart Lee Introduces A Comedian

James Woods' short film A COMEDIAN uses the familiar milieu of stand-up to examine how supposedly independent artists can easily become mouthpieces for values and institutions they don't necessarily endorse, indifferent to the suffering of people they are perhaps obliged to represent. As all artists and news sources seem to be slipping into courtesan relationships with power A COMEDIAN is increasingly prescient. While its visual hues have the chrome sheen of high budget dystopian sci-fi, POV shots and impressionistic editing convey the self-loathing, paranoia and self-doubt anyone, and stand-up comedians specifically, can recognise. By the time we realise where we've ended up, it's too late to find our way back. Says more in ten minutes than many marquee movies manage in 120.


Moonrise Over Knights Hill

Emma Russack: Everything Is Big

Jack Ladder: Lombard Street

Jack Ladder: Home Alone

False as a Beach


Nathan Roche: Don't Make Me Say It

Sarah Mary Chadwick: Flipped It

Peach PRC: Heavy

Sloan Peterson: Parasite

A Problematic Gesture Toward Auteur Theory

An Athlete Wrestling A Python