Music Video

3 Min

Emma Russack: Everything Is Big

After searching and failing to find signs of life Emma sinks into the vastness of the universe.


Emma Russack

Produced by


Directed by

Stephanie Jane Day

Key Credits

Cinematographer John Cobb ACS
Drone Operator COBB Cinematics Pty Ltd
Costume Designer Olivia Simpson
Costume Assistant Melba Proestos
Production Assistant Alice Russack

Editor Stephanie Jane Day
Title Art Work Badlands

Thank You

Cameron Davies, Melba Proestos, Max Enright, Alice Russack, Mr. & Mrs. Russack, Jordanne Chant, Alys Hale.


Dinosaur City Records

Television Premiere

"The Week's Most Excellent New Music Videos" Rage, ABC TV, 03 May 2024


RUSSH Magazine, Monthly Music Round Up, 03 May 2024
Rolling Stone "Best Australian Music of The Week", 07 May 2024


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