Music Video

4 min

Jack Ladder: Home Alone

“The unlikely Saint Peter at the gates of heaven, Ladder unites with all the latest and greatest deceased icons of music, in his otherworldly landscape to dance alone.”

Alys Hale - RUSSH MAGAZINE June, 2023

Written and Directed by

Stephanie Jane Day

Produced by

Stephanie Jane Day
James Robert Woods
Rebecca Lamond


Cinematographer Dimitri Zaunders
Costume Designer Olivia Simpson

Hair and Makeup Designer Amelia Fell

Production Designer Lisa Twomey
Design Assistant Keely Morrison
1st AC Trudi Gultom
Production Assistant Miette Grenard

Colourist Alina Bermingham
Editor Stephnie Jane Day

Stills Tim Baker
Graphics Secondary Signage

© Endless Recordings 2023


Endless Recordings

World Premiere

Russh Magazine, 2nd June 2023

Television Premiere

Rage, ABC, 9th June 2023


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