Short Film

10 Min

False as a Beach

Ursula, Gertrude, and Ruby, three emancipated young women, while away the hours as a halcyon apocalypse brings the world to a close.

Executive Producer

Marian Macgowan

Written and Directed by

Stephanie Jane Day

Produced by

James Robert Woods
Stephanie Jane Day


Lily Nova
Sapphire Blossom
Oliva Suleimon
Nathan Dick

Key Credits

Cinematographer Cameron Johnson
Costume Design Lisa Twomey
Production Design Laura Anna Lucas
Hair and Make Up Design Amelia Fell

Sound Design and Mix Stuart Melvey
Music Composed and Arranged by Jordan Lee Ireland

Editor Stephanie Jane Day
VFX Artist Cameron Davies
Colourist Fergus Rotherham
Title Artwork Luke Chiswell

Trailer Editor Timothy Guthrie

Poster Design Matt Limmer

Online Premiere

NOWNESS ASIA, 27th December 2023

Best Short Film Nominee

SXSW Sydney, 2023

NSW Premiere

SXSW Sydney
Palace Cinemas, Central Park, 19th and 20th October 2023

World Premiere

Revelation Perth International Film Festival

Luna Cinemas, Leederville 7th and 11th July 2022


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